13 players charged during latest round of Super League

Corey Norman Toulouse Olympique

13 Super League players have received charges following the latest round of Super League action. 

Corey Norman is the only player who faces tribunal with a Grade F other contrary behaviour charge following Toulouse’s defeat to Warrington on Thursday. It could be the end of his Super League career, having only joined the French side on a deal until the end of the season.

The half-back has been charged for ‘inappropriate contact’ during the 32-18 defeat at the Halliwell Jones Stadium. Meanwhile, team-mate Olly Ashall-Bott has been hit with a Grade B trip charge and will miss the upcoming clash against Wigan.

Hull KR interim boss Danny McGuire will have further selection problems with two of his players receiving one-match bans. Both Matt Parcell and Ethan Ryan have been charged and will miss the club’s trip to St Helens on Friday.

Catalans forward Sam Kasiano has been handed a two-match ban for a Grade B dangerous contact during the tie against Castleford. Tigers forward Adam Milner has been hit with the same charge. Team-mate Suaia Matagi has received a Grade C dangerous contact charge and will miss the next two fixtures for the Mend-A-Hose Jungle side.

Wigan’s Mike Cooper will miss the home clash against Toulouse this Friday with a one-match ban. Hull’s Kane Evans and Jake Connor have also copped one-match bans following their 60-6 defeat at home to St Helens.

Morgan Knowles will miss the clash against Hull KR with a one-match ban for a Grade A shoulder charge.

Wakefield’s Kelepi Tanginoa has received a lengthy three-match ban for a Grade C dangerous contact charge. He will be free to return for the final game of the regular Super League season. 

Finally, Huddersfield’s Jack Ashworth will miss the club’s home match against Castleford with a one-match ban.

Latest Super League disciplinary

  • Corey Norman (Toulouse) – Grade F Other Contrary Behaviour – Refer to Tribunal
  • Olly Ashall-Bott (Toulouse) – Grade B Trip – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Sam Kasiano (Catalans) – Grade B Dangerous Contact – 2 Match Penalty Notice
  • Adam Milner (Castleford) – Grade B Dangerous Contact – 2 Match Penalty Notice
  • Suaia Matagi (Castleford) – Grade C Dangerous Contact – 2 Match Penalty Notice
  • Matt Parcell (Hull KR) – Grade A Dangerous Contact – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Ethan Ryan (Hull KR) – Grade B Other Contrary Behaviour – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Jack Ashworth (Huddersfield) – Grade B Dangerous Contact – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Kelepi Tanginoa (Wakefield) – Grade C Dangerous Contact – 3 Match Penalty Notice
  • Mike Cooper (Wigan) – Grade A Dangerous Contact – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Kane Evans (Hull FC) – Grade A Dangerous Contact – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Jake Connor (Hull FC) – Grade A Other Contrary Behaviour – 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Morgan Knowles (St Helens) – Grade A Shoulder Charge – 1 Match Penalty Notice

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  1. Pity the disgraceful display from Referee Kendall does not get a ban So biased against the Toulouse team once again RL Headquarters your biase is embarrassing

  2. It’s about time that the so called referees had some backbone and put people in the sin bin or sent them off instead of putting them on report because the team that they have fouled against don’t get any advantage saints got away with multiple fouls on Sunday and the spineless ref didn’t or was frightened to do anything about it it’s a disgrace and they are ruining the game that we all love

  3. Why can’t referees make on field decisions? Have they been instructed not to? I’d an offence occurs it’s a penalty. If it’s a yellow card and a penalty, so be it. For more serious offences, it’s a red card and a penalty.
    C’mon, it’s not difficult. It’s been done that way for ever. But now we need a room full of nobody’s watching slow motion replays to hand out justice. Fred Lindop will be spinning in his grave.
    Just stop killing the game.
    We have at least three qualified pairs of eyes on every match. If they can’t spot an offence, we got no chance. Mind you, linesmen aren’t allowed to flag offsides, forward passes etc. any more are they. So why pay them.
    I’m near sighted, one legged and can’t breathe properly and I reckon I could make a better job of it than them.
    I’m gonna close there, cos there ain’t enough room for all the gripes I have with referees and their handling of games.

  4. Don’t know all three that sit on panel but havin Paul Cullen as one is a joke never rated this guy as player or coach and listening to him talk was also terrible.

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