11 clubs to play in French Elite 2 Championship, Carcassonne sign Spanish international

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Our weekly round-up of the news from the French domestic leagues, in partnership with TreizeMondial.

11 clubs in the Elite 2 Championship

It has now been confirmed that there will be 11 teams in the Elite 2 Championship in the coming season. Villeneuve Minervois and Ferrals drop down to the National Division, while National Division One champions Ille are promoted to Elite 2. The championship resumes in late September and a team will receive a bye each week.

Bastien Canet and Nabil Djalout stay with Carcassonne

After re-signing Garry Lo last week, Carcassonne have continued to extend their squad ahead of the new season. Bastian Canet, Nabil Djalout, Clement Soubeyras, Alexis Alberola, Julien Agullo, Alexis Escamilla, Matthieu Kehdimi, Damien Tetart, Vincent Albert, Amar Sabri and Jonathan Soum have all signed new deals with the Canaries. Clement Arrans, Mathias Leveille and Leopold Edline have signed their first Elite contracts, while Tony Tumusa and Jamie Anderson’s futures at the club remain uncertain.

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Spanish international is first new signing for Carcassonne

As well as a number of retentions, Carcassonne have unveiled their first new signing for 2019/20. Spanish international Anthony Delgado is back at the club after a two year absence. He scored nine tries in 14 games for Villegailhenc in Elite 2 last season, and helped them to reach the Championship final.

Three new players for St Gaudens

New St Gaudens coach Julien Gerin has signed two of his former players, Jack Wilshere and Theo Delage, as well as bringing in Marwan Medjebeur, who returns to rugby league following a spell in rugby union.

Players changing code

A number of players have departed French clubs to switch codes and play rugby union. Palau’s Tayeb Aroun will move to Perpignan-based club FLHV, who play in the Federal division. Pia rookies Anthony Durand and Benoit Xancho, who have been with the club since May, also leave to join FLHV, following Jordan Sigismeau who had committed a few weeks ago.

Noguera returns to Palau

Antoine Noguera has returned to Palau to work as manager with coach, former Super League player Olivier Elima. Noguera first left the club four years ago, and has since been with XIII Catalan and Pia.

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