Tetleys Stadium

Built in 1994, The Tetley’s Stadium is relatively new in the world of rugby league stadia. There are two stands, one seated (North) and one standing (South), and ample space on the grass bankings behind both sets of posts. The home fans tend to congregate in the centre of both stands although, when the weather is fine, the grass bankings are a popular spot for families with young children.

With two open ends, the ground is wide open to the elements meaning that, more often than not, a strong wind whistles through the stadium. Visiting fans are advised to take an extra layer just in case, regardless of the forecast!

There are bar facilities in both stands which open before matches and at half-time. Following the game, the post-match presentation takes place in the Royal Suite which can be found on the first floor of the North Stand.

The stadium definitely has potential but, without terracing at either end, it is certainly not Super League standard. Having said that, the ground offers fantastic facilities, a decent atmosphere and a great view of the action.

There are plenty of space available for parking within the stadium grounds and limited room on the roads near the industrial estate 500 metres to the North of the stadium.