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Challenge Cup
James Gordon

New Challenge Cup format, hopes of a Kangaroos tour and War of the Roses day – Paper Talk

A change to the current set up of the Challenge Cup seems inevitable in IMG’s new era, but will the War of the Roses return?
Brad Dwyer Daryl Clark
James Gordon

Brad Dwyer on the move and advice for Wakefield to ease relegation worries – Paper Talk

There’s a number nine merry-go-round due to kick-off soon with Warrington at the centre.
James Gordon

Calls for transparency over ‘secret’ IMG vote and do RFL execs get paid too much? – Paper Talk

Expect plenty of talk in the papers this week about the latest chapter in rugby league’s search for whatever it thinks its missing, which comes to a head when clubs ...
Rugby league needs more Hulls
James Gordon

Rugby league needs more Hulls: but are FC in danger of relegation? – Paper Talk

Big crowds, a shining example for IMG and relegation. It’s all the talk about Hull in the rugby league papers this week.
DW Stadium
James Gordon

Super League to go to ‘another level’ as it targets record & what IMG changes might be – Paper Talk

Officials are hoping that the upcoming Easter weekend ‘Rivals Round’ will set a new Super League record.