James Gordon

James Gordon

Trust the process: Only those on the inside can judge on category grading

The IMG criteria for the next era of Super League licensing has landed and while detailed in parts, it remains suitably vague.
Leigh Leopard first game against Leeds
James Gordon

Editor’s column: Can a Leigh Leopard change its spots?

Whatever you make of Leigh’s rebrand to the Leopards, they have been the most talked about club in the off-season.
Cesar Rouge one of
James Gordon

Emerging talent list highlights challenges facing rugby league in the northern hemisphere

When expansion is talked about, the focus is often on the big city names and locations of clubs, and rarely about players.
James Gordon

Are ball in play stats overrated? The product versus the game

One of the less headline-grabbing elements of IMG’s preliminary proposals for re-imagining rugby league was the separation between the product and the game.
Super League, Kyle Amor
Josh McAllister

Kyle Amor reveals retirement doubts as former St Helens prop begins pre-season with Widnes

Former St Helens forward Kyle Amor says he considered retirement at the conclusion of the 2022 season before joining Widnes in the Championship for the upcoming campaign.