Wire slam Sandow

Warrington’s head of rugby operations Karl Fitzpatrick has issued a stern condemnation of Chris Sandow‘s conduct, slamming the halfback as “totally disprespectful”.

Sandow has departed from Warrington, after walking out on the club in what has been described as an almost certain breach of contract.

He has spoken in the press recently about how family reasons and homesickness were his main reasons for his conduct, but Fitzpatrick feels that Wire have been treated appallingly by the player, and suppporters have a right to feel aggrieved.

“It is a kick in the teeth for us because, as a club, we’ve looked after Chris very well during his time here,” fitzpatrick told the Warrington Guardian.

“We provided babysitters for his children and helped to get them into schools. We helped with a visa for his girlfriend as well as bringing his mother over for the Challenge Cup Final.

“We really did go above and beyond for Chris so for him to do this is just complete disrespect and no-one disrespects our club.

“The fans have every right to feel angry as well. They took him to their hearts and he became a real favourite with them.

“He cannot expect to just get away with what he’s done.”

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