The competition is currently a little light on players. Sheffield are announcing their squad over the coming weekend and additional players will be added in due course. Bradford players will be added if the status of club in the competition is confirmed.

The open phase closes and the rolling transfer window starts on the 4th February at 14:00. What's the rolling window?

Championship Fantasy Rugby League 2017

Welcome to the Championship Fantasy League for 2017. As ever the competition is free to play with some great prizes to win. We’ve made a few changes in recent seasons so this year we’ve resisted the temptation to do any fiddling and instead let the changes from recent years bed in. So you won’t find any rules or tweaks just the same old great, free to play, fantasy rugby league competition.

What are you waiting for? – Head to the Roster page to pick your fantasy team now.


  • 1st prize –  Your choice of a pair of Million Pound Match Tickets or Championship Shield Final Tickets.

  • 2nd prize – Some Love Rugby League sports wear


  • 3rd prize – A coveted Love Rugby League mug



We haven't made any changes to the rules this season but we have kept all the new rules we introduced last season including:

  • The rolling transfer window.
  • Dual positions for players.
  • Extra points for multiple try scorers.
  • The transfer wildcard.

If you want to know more about these you can read more detail on the rules / FAQ page.

Lee Gaskell playerbox image

We've also kept the interface from last year where we introduced options such as the "undo changes" button, so hopefully this familiar environment will allow you to dive straight in and pick your team. As we did last season we'll be trying to make sure the competition remains up to date all season with new players added throughout as they make appearances.

If you want to get in touch you can do so at